Custom Military Poker Chips

We Can Help You Create a Unique Military Poker Chip Using Your Design

A military poker chip is a memorable way to display your unit, company or service arm in name and logo. Using poker chips as a memento, identifier, and token is ideal because they have some heft and can fit easily in a coat or pants pocket. How do you get some of these great chips?
First you begin by choosing from one of our ten available poker chips. Then, send us your art files or design requests. We’ll work with you to design and refine an image that you’ll be proud to have on your person. You can use the same image on both sides of the poker chip; or you can get creative and put your image on one side and use the other side for another bit of information that more clearly defines the spirit of your group.
Take a look at our variety of chips that we offer and then give us a call to get things started. We can help you with choosing the chips and working with the design. Our pricing, including shipping costs, is the best you'll find on the Internet. The time it takes us from order to delivery is quick. Give us a call and let us help you create your military poker chips!

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