Poker Chip Golf Ball Markers

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Use a Poker Chip as Your Personal Golf Ball Marker

Need something special for a big golf game or tournament? How about set of poker chips with your group or charitable organization’s design emblazoned on them? Personalized poker chips are a great way to commemorate a cause or event or a location that looks good and has a practical function. You can also have something different on each side of the chip—like a catchy slogan on one side and an image or logo on the other.

Customizing golf ball poker chips using the direct print method means that they will look amazing and last for years. Customized golf ball markers can be  passed out or mailed as a golf tournament reminders, given out for mulligans, or as prizes for great shots or a stunningly good round on the links. If you are organizing a big golf centered event and are looking for a unique way to promote it, then having a custom poker chip is will provide a winning touch.

If you need information or help in deciding on colors or images, just give us a call and we can help you out. We've worked with a variety of customers who have large and small events and delivered great products.

Don’t carry around a coin, instead, carry a poker chip that you can see easily and won’t get confused with others in your party. Using customized poker chips is only limited by your imagination. Make you day on the golf links something special. Call us, we can help you with ideas and design or hone your concept into something amazing.

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